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Originally Posted by Scotophor View Post
Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I figured better late than never...

IMDB and TV Acres say that having Al smoke cigars was Dean Stockwell's idea, as a sneaky way to get free cigars for as long as the show lasted. His preferred brand was Zino, but checking Google Image Search, I found no similar-looking Zino cigar bands. So, I guess that they were "prop-ified" for the show by replacing the Zino bands with ones of their own design. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of inside joke on them, since they would never be readable on screen. Maybe Project Starbright brand? That could be a pink star in a purple circle in the center.
I remember reading somewhere about that. They probably didn't want to have to pay Zino because of product placement issues. They very well could have been, but had to have the labels changed or remain out of focus.
- Chris
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