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I kind of like this part of the trilogy. I rather think that Abigale finally shaped up. She's pretty, lost the distzyness and is now finally mature since she's a mother now. I also really like the concept of Sam feeling Larry's Heart problems although I dont understand how taking his medication helps because Its just a feeling Sam's actual body is not experiencing it as he's very healthy. So wouldn't Larry's drugs possibly hurt him. Shouldn't Larry himself in the waiting room be taking the drugs. And yes I know the drugs are with Sam so how can he? Well I was thinking that Dr. Beaks could arrange to get him some medication kind of like they were able to reproduce Dr. Ruth's glasses they could reproduce Larry's medication. I don't know.

Originally Posted by lunar crystal
Yeah, I may be beating a dead horse - but I never liked the trilogy. The whole thing seemed "off", in my opinion. But, it's the fifth season, and something tells me they were thinking of just about anything to keep the series going. Personally, I pick and choose what I consider acceptable from the fifth season and disregard the rest of the canon - in the fifth season. Not the whole canon.
Yeah it is out of place but then again most of fifth season is, because like you said they were doing just about anything to keep ratings up which its the new NBC guy's own fault they had to struggle to keep good ratings in the first place as he is the one that moved it so it was conflicting with Full House.

Originally Posted by Jmoniz
I think it just went a little too far and I felt no symptathy for the character at any age.
I also agree with this. While I don't mind her in this episode, I still never smpathized with her. Because she's annoying especially in the first one the way she described how angry she got at that other girl and was hitting her mostly over a stupid necklace. I also found it annoying how many times she kept asking Sam to recite all the ways that he loved her like you said Julia.

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