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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Unfortunately this is part of the problem of trying to deal with the subject of domestic abuse in a 45-minute television episode. In any fictional setting really, but TV is the most difficult due to the stringent amount of time (unless it's done in multiple parts). There are a lot of specific reasons why women in this situation -- and men too, men can be victims of domestic violence -- do things that may seem stupid or like bad decisions from the outside. It's very complex and unless the writer is really really good and knows the subject it's pretty much impossible to do this justice, particularly in a TV episode that's less than an hour. The fact that they were also trying to mix up the mood too much didn't help and I'm in the minority I guess but I hated the leap out part, especially when juxtaposed with the rest of what was going on in the episode.
I think you hit the nail on the head there. I kinda disagree about the complex subjects not being able to get justice because of the limited 45-minute slot. We've seen many other episodes on TV, including episodes from Quantum Leap, that dealt with more complex topics than the one presented in "Southern Comforts", and, when the writers were up to it (because they were all superb at writing something; it seemed like sometimes it was just a matter of their decisions), they managed to get a great result. What's the problem or the difference? The sugar-coating, I believe. As you said: "The fact that they were also trying to mix up the mood too much didn't help." Exactly! Tommy Thompson brought up a great subject matter, but it seemed like sometimes he chose to forget about it to try to focus more on the funny moments, to the point that they became like "meh...!" Kind of what happened to Deborah Pratt with "8 1/2 Months". You mix up the topics, the complex characters, but you sugar-coat them all with the incorrect amount of "humor", then you're not to going to be taken seriously. That's why most of the time I'm so against the light-intended mode, not just on this show, but on any. On QL it helped on a VERY FEW moments throughout the whole show, but most of the time, when it was presented, it just helped the development to fall flat, and that was always a bad point for it. It's kinda like when a prog rock band releases a song or an album full of pop rock melodies, haha!! They're obviously gonna get mixed feelings from their listeners.

By the way, thank you for enjoying my reviews, blue!! That's very encouraging!

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
The fact that he was so frightened and ended up in an institution over some phony photograph makes little sense to me.
That's why I thought that this Al line: "Ended up in the loony bin. Never bothered anyone..." was like something written by a newbie. It was like "oh, Tommy, REALLY?!" "Yay! How cute! The bad guy got his just desserts!!!" Haha!! Come on! I know that kids used to see this show, too, but that was so "innocent" (just to say something) it was funny. Maybe we're led to believe that he also ended up in the loony bin because of the implications from it (i. e. him not getting what he wanted in the end, and he just got so stressed out and frustrated about it that he couldn't bear it anymore), but it still has a very naive and light-hearted outcome.
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