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Originally Posted by tina_als_girl View Post
Freaks and Geeks might be a good comparison, since they went to great extremes to clear the rights for over 130 songs... The full 18-episode DVD set is $54.99 on Amazon. There is also a "Yearbook Edition" with two discs of bonus features for $129.99; and remember, that is for an 18-episode season/series.

So, I think $200 might actually be reasonable, but, IMHO, only if they added more extras.
Wow... Maybe that's why the Buffy set is so expensive too, although a lot of the music was produced especially for the show. But I think there's no point in doing a QL box set if they don't get the music rights.

Originally Posted by tina_als_girl
Oh, and the Wild West West boxset also includes the two TV movies; so that's actually a really great deal. I've been planning for a long time to buy that boxset once I snag myself a job.

It is a great deal, but I've read some serious complaints about the packaging. I have the 4 seasons on the separate sets and the DVDs are just wonderful--the colors are so vivid! The black & white so clear and deep. I don't mind a bit not having the TV movies. I hated them so much when they were first broadcast (back when I was in high school) that I don't ever want to see them again. They are my biggest argument against TV remakes. Gaaahhh. Oh yeah, and they misspelled Artie's name on 3 of the 4 season sets. OK, enough OT editorializing.
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