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Default Re: let's hope!

I saw that too, but I'm not sure I really believe it. Anybody can see that they know someone who can give them information. My cousin used to work in the marketing department at Sci-Fi, but he's not there anymore unfortunately. My view on this is still that I'm not going to get myself too excited until I actually start seeing TV spots promoting the movie. Just because a script has already been written doesn't mean they're going to use it. Movie studios buy screenplays all the time; at least half of them probably never even make it into production... and if they do, they often go through so many rewrites that the final production is nothing like what the original writer envisioned. That's just how the industry works.

I would sure HOPE that Don Bellisario has direct creative input into a new series. I don't want what happened to Sliders, happening to Quantum Leap either. We deserve better than that.
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