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Default Re: let's hope!

Well the impression I have of this whole thing is that so far, Trey Callaway has written a script and it appears that it is set in stone. Although we've heard that Don Bellisario is involved, I honestly can't see him having much input in this project on top of all of his other work right now. I mean, someone else wrote the script, screenplay, etc. and it seems like they had him just read it over once or twice to get his blessing.

I haven't heard anything about Deborah Pratt being involved either. I wonder if she is? Anyway, what I'm getting at here is that if Don Bellisario doesn't have direct input or at least a significant influence on the upcoming film, then I feel it could make or break it. This would make no difference whatsoever to new viewers, but it would to die-hard fans like ourselves. I hope this movie/series still has Bellisario's unmistakable style. If not, things just won't be the same.
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