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On the scott backula thing now that enterprise is cancelled some people have argued that Scott would return to Quantum leap full time now, but also some people say he may not because he may not want to play Sam full time, all I can say is it will be interesting to see what unfolds, do remember everyone Scott has continuesly tried to get Quantum leap back on the air and continuesly said he would love to do quantum leap again.
In my oppinion I think Scott may return full time some time within the series and have all 3 Dean, Kimberly cullum and Scott Backula in it, my guess is really the only way it could work is have Sammy jo and Al sometime in the beggining of the series find Sam again and theron have Sammy Jo leap back to the project and have her and Dean be the observer, kinda like a switchoff, I curious to hear any other ideas if Scott does return full time because now we have to put Sammy Jo somewhere.
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