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You know, people need to realize also how the industry works: Paramount and Universal are competitors; Scott still has a contractual obligation to support and promote his current employer, and I would certainly think that he's not really allowed to talk too much about any possible future projects he may have been approached to do, especially if they involve the competition. That's how it works for any business you work for; I'll give you the perfect example: I knew someone who was a photo assistant and his father was also a photographer. (My father is a photographer, and we all know people who work in the industry.) Basically, my friend was assisting another photographer at a photo shoot and began talking to the client about how his dad was also a photographer and how good he was. He gave the client his father's business card, meanwhile he was supposed to be showing support for the photographer he was working for that day. Even though he was trying to help out his father, it wasn't a very professional thing to do. You just don't do stuff like that. When you're hired to provide your services for a particular company or employer, they usually expect you to focus more of your talents and abilities on THEIR projects, not to direct a client elsewhere. Or let's say you're a freelance graphic artist, like myself, and you work on another project on company time. That's a huge no-no and if the employer you're working for found that out, they would kick your butt out the door and tell you not to come back. Companies expect their employees to focus their time and energy on the work they've been paid to do, not to sneak in time on someone else's project.

A few people here made really great points, and I think it's ultimately a combination of all of them. Nothing has been set in stone yet as far as a QL movie/spinoff is concerned, and until that time comes, it would be irresponsible for ANYONE in the production field, including Scott, to add to the rumors and speculation, even if he's already been approached to do a 15 or 20-minute cameo. A script has been written... that's all. Production has not even begun, actors have not been signed yet, budgets have not been determined... These kinds of things take a lot of time to set up. Like Joy also said, it would be irresponsible to say something to get people's hopes up, when nothing is set in stone as of yet. Scott is still actively involved with Enterprise and is very likely not at liberty to discuss upcoming projects that he might have been approached to do. (Operative word there being "might"!) It was a Star Trek chat... not a Quantum Leap chat. It's one thing to mention projects he's already been a part of or currently involved in... it's an entirely different case to mention an upcoming project that may or may not happen, especially if it involves a huge competitor like NBC/Universal.

Everyone should just try to be patient and not to analyze everything that has been said so closely. And to whoever said it was "(apparently him)" in that chat, yes, it really was Scott Bakula in the chat Friday night. STARTREK.COM is Paramount's official website. If an official website (or Al's Place ) claims that a celebrity will take part in a chat, then you can usually believe it.
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