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I'm catching up with some of the new posts in this thread. I agree with the idea that having Sam leap into famous people didn't fit in the QL world. In fairness, from what I understand, the network decided they wanted Sam to leap into famous people. I'm by no means an expert on how exactly they go about deciding on scripts for T.V. shows, or what goes on between networks and the people working on the shows. I'm assuming Don and company probably did their best under the circumstances to keep QL on the air. Whether they went about that in the right way or not, or who might have been responsible for the show being cancelled, is a matter of opinion. I think it would make sense if they had to do episodes with famous people for Don to do something about someone he had actually had contact with (and I have no idea how well he might have known LHO or how much contact he did have with him). It was probably a way to try and keep the network happy and still maintain some creative say-so. LHO is well-written, and to me it's worth watching just for the great acting.

Good Bye Norma Jean was worth watching just to see Al go bonkers over Marilyn skinny dipping. That was a riot.

Memphis Melody was worth watching just to hear Scott sing.

And Dr. Ruth...Of all people for Sam to leap into! And Al getting counseling from her! That alone made the episode funny.

One of the good things about QL was that I could find something to like about every episode even if it wasn't my favorite.
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