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Sam wanted to find a way that he could talk to Al. Perhaps if he knew why he had that deed, and the money, he could guide the dinner conversation to better suit his leap. Of course, he had already gone to the bathroom twice, and was beginning to get tired of them. Just as he was about to make up some excuse to leave the table, Veronica came in with a huge turkey.

"Dinner's ready," Veronica said. As she set the table, the door opened, and a strong looking man walked in. He looked as though he had been working on the farm all day.

"Justin, why don't you get cleaned up for dinner," Veronica said. "We can all wait a minute for you to come down."

"Yes, mama." Justin said, and headed towards the bathroom. This was what Sam needed. It would take Justin a minute to clean up, and Sam could step outside with Al for a moment, come back in, and then eat that delicoius looking turkey. Things were beginning to look up.

"Uh, will you excuse me for a minute. I need to get some fresh air."

"Are you absolutely sure that you're alright?" Betty asked. "You've been acting funny all day."

Sam looked at Betty, and smiled. "I think I'm just not used to being on vacation. In the city, it's just work, work, and more work. I guess I'm having trouble relaxing, and need a minute outside to absorb it."

The answer satisfied the members of the table. "Alright, dear," Veronica said. "I don't understand big city life, but go ahead. I'll shout for you when Justin's ready."

"Thanks, Mrs. Rogers," Sam said, winking at Buck. He laughed, as Veronica looked quite confused.

If you need to remember who Justin is, refer back to the last post on the first page by Jaycol. I just thought I would mention that because he hasn't been used in a long time.
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