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"Good Morning, Peoria", "Thou Shalt Not...", "Jimmy" and then "So Help Me God". That's FOUR excellent episodes in a row. The classic times and also one of the best eras for QL.

Again, loved everything about this episode. Deborah Pratt was capable of writing three-dimensional characters and situations (like in this episode and her classic TCOT) as well as one-dimensional ones (WPG? and "8 1/2 Months", for example) throughout the whole series. Even Leonard's wife, which was really annoying, was also very likable and believable. I don't see anything wrong at all with the ending or with Saddie's character, and I must say that it really surprised me the first time I saw it. Not a cop-out at all. You can clearly see all the forces gathering around the situations so they could all be resolved in that exact way. Delilah's reactions and fears, the other black woman's fears (her mother? Don't remember now), the captain's aggressiveness, of course all of Saddie's little hints about her mental health and on and on.

The last scene, very emblematic for QL. Delilah is unforgettable.

My rating: Excellent. Classic, classic, classic!!!
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