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Originally Posted by CarolD
Hope you guys don't mind my stepping into the discussion - I wrote Mirror's Edge and Obsessions, and read all the other books in the series.
I just finished reading Mirror's Edge - Great job, I enjoyed it enormously, especially having post-"Leap Home pt II" Tom as a character. I did wonder why you hadn't used Sammy Jo instead of the guy character you invented (sorry, book not at hand and I don't remember his name). Read Obsessions a while back and enjoyed it, too.

I have collected and read all the USA books and one of the UK books, and have the other UK book on order. My real problem with the series, particularly the ones written by McConnell, are that she consistently says that Sam's soul is Leaping, and limits Sam's capabilities to what his "host" would be able to do - see especially "The Wall," although having him leap into a little girl was interesting.

My favorites have been Mirror's edge, Pulitzer, Angels Unaware, Odyssey and Double or Nothing.

{I just read another post above about you opinions about Sammy Jo - would you mind sharing them?}
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