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It's funny, but most of the Jump the Shark moments identified for QL are simply episodes that were different or not as popular, not actual JTS moments. From its inception, the JTS concept was sort of point of no return, where the show betrayed its fundamental premise in an attempt to stay on the air. So Fonzie's literal jump was roundly ridiculed because Fonzie was the epitome of "cool" and the Jump was so totally not cool. As in, the Fonz could never recover from that stunt (as opposed to the smash derby episode, which was coolness). The complaints about QL were more about the quality of the scripts, because the premise itself did not change. A plot line or character that you don't like, or a slightly different direction that is, in and of itself, still in keeping with the premise of the show, is not a Jump.

Compare that with Laverne & Shirley's Jump. They move the women from the beer plant in Milwaukee to LA, and Shirley is in a full body cast (only mouth and eye holes) because the actress, Cindy Williams, didn't want to return to the show and they used a body double. The show was so fundamentally different (and unfunny) that it, to me, represents a bigger Jumping of the Shark than Fonzie's actual jump!
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