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Originally Posted by CarolD
I remember Scott saying at one of the Creation QL cons that changing the theme had been his idea -- he thought updating the theme would give the show a fresh look, or something to that effect. He said he was very disappointed/dismayed when there was a huge uprising against the new theme.

Myself...I do love the old theme. I don't dislike the newer one, but the old one (along with the saga cell, or sell, whichever) was really an integral part of the show.

As for jumping the shark -- I don't think it did. Don had to cave in to a lot of little weirdnesses coming from the network suits, but I don't think the essence of the show changed. (I remember from that same con, they referred to season 5 as "the tabloid season" -- what with its use of Elvis, Marilyn, Bigfoot and so on.)
I wasn't totally against it being used I just didn't like it. But that's just me of course. Everyones got their own preference.
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