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Originally Posted by Mesmer Ice
I am sad to say it jumped the shark when they started messing with actual historic events like the Lee Harvey Oswald,the Civil War?The Elvis and Marilyn Monroe episodes it just showed the writers couldn't think of any more plotlines with "normal" people.I have plenty of plots they could have used.
I'm willing to give Lee Harvey Oslwald, Elvis and Marilyn as "messing with actual historic events" but not the Civil War. If that's the case then there are many other episodes that would also fit the description. "Black on White on Fire" which involves the Watts Riots, "Rebel Without A Clue" where his meeting with Jack Kerouac gives him pause to rethink his ideas, "The Wrong Stuff" and it's relation to the space program. In different ways all of the episodes dealt with changing history and even though they may have been personal changes for the people Sam affected, they would have had wide ranging changes just through a ripple effect.
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