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Default Did QL "Jump The Shark"? in Season 5?

A controversial question for sure. I was thinking about an old issue of SFX which had an article asking this very question.
The article thinks the show J'd the S in Season 5, when the producers made the decision to have Sam leap into real life personalities.
I actually do think these episodes where the weakest, with the notable exception of "Lee Harvey Oswald", which was superb.
Plus the idea of bringing in a recurring villian (Alia) also annoyed.

Did it or didn't it? Who knows. While I think Season 5 is a perfectly entertaining season, I do believe it contains some of the weakest episodes. And whilst the episode "Killin' Time" was a lot of fun, you have to admit - it was kinda gimmicky.
And then that "Leap Between The States" thing which broke the show's rule about Sam leaping beyond his own lifetime.

So Season 5. Did it end "Quantum Leap"?
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