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I made sure I would be there for all 3 days just in case something like that happened. Flying in on Thursday and flying out on Monday.

Dean's absence is very disappointing. I hope he is ok. Without any details I wonder if its health related.

My Dad is almost exactly Dean's age, only 2 years younger. While he is in perfect health, there was a small scare recently. He was having dizzy spells, brief couple seconds were he did not know were he was! It turns out he has a birth defect in a heart valve. He had it his whole life and never knew about it. He is a 6th degree Blackbelt in Judo and active, still works part time. I guess it was just the slow stress of time that aggravated it. My Dad's ok - There is a way of monitoring his condition.

I hate to be a downer. We just don't know what is happening with Dean. The chance of this type of reunion of Scott, Dean, and Don ever happening again is unlikely. QL revival talks have stalled out. I had been seeing this Con on the 20th anniversary as a substitute for that.

Is there any chance that we could over speak phone call Dean during the Con? SO he could speak to the crowd.
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