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Originally Posted by QL Nut
And all this time I really thought I was the only one who HATED the "Trilogy." I'm very surprised to see so many members here not like it, especially the women. I tried liking it better as I got older and it worked, somewhat. But I especially can't stand "Trilogy Part II" with Sam's stutter. How IRRITATING and unnecessary! I also wasn't too crazy about the fact that the same actress played both young Abigail and Sammy Jo, ą la the Back To the Future trilogy. A little hair color change and...voilą! A new person. And that's not to mention the moral and ethical issues as well.
So did I for a while Chris hahaha.

and I for one don't mind Runaway, its not one of my favs but I dont mind it. I think it makes my nutral list along with Rebarto.

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