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I think trilogy was a bit rubbish to be honest but I liked the idea that abigail was somehow jinxed and that when Sam put something right in her life it lead to something else bad happening which Sam had to put right again and then one last time. The only other time where he leaps into someone elses life twice is with the Jimmy ones and they are deffo some of the best episodes in my opinions. Other bad episodes would be raped and last dance before an execution. I tended to like episodes where it was something directly linked to sam like leap home or leap back or when it was something that sam was familiar with. Does anyone understand me or does it sound like I'm just babbling on a bit. Yeh I thought so. OK then I'll shut up. But I liked promised land probably because it had something to do with sam again. I also felt the episode where he leapt into a young Al was a bit weak too anyone else feel that? I also tended towards the episodes where Sam prevented something that would not have been stoppable unless someone had come back from the future with the knowledge that something was going to happen. I'll be quiet now...
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