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Default Quantum Leap season 1 & 2 episodes available free on Hulu

I thought I'd let everyone know that Hulu has added 31 Quantum Leap season one and two episodes for a limited time.

Unfortunately they all appear to be the DVD versions with the redubbed music.
I watched MIA yesterday and Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles had been replaced with sappy Lawrence Welk style instrumental music.
I watched "Animal Frat" as well...same thing.

I really dont know why they'd let this happen,the original music was very important to the show as it lent significantly to the tone,feel and authenticity of the time periods Sam leaped into,as well as help underscore the emotional impact of the scenes.

The redubbed versions remind me of the cheesy fake cover music Happy Days used because they were too cheap to pay to use real Nat King Cole,Elvis and Buddy Holly songs (I'd cringe every time I'd hear their elevator music version of "all shook up")...of course it wasnt long before that show went from being a small screen version of American Graffiti and into the to the toilet with characters wearing elephant bells and Farrah hairstyles even though it was supposed to be set in the 1950's.
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It's really surprising that even the online episodes on NBC and Hulu.com have the replaced music.

Netflix's online streaming is the best bet I've seen online so far. While not every single episode is available, most are and they have all the original music.

Only downside there is that although the episodes are DVD rips, the episodes are presented in 480p Standard Definition and don't look quite as sharp as the actual physical DVDs (at least on the PlayStation 3).
- Chris
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