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Default "Somewhere in the Night" - the TV Version

Hi, all! Been a while. Hope you're doing well.

I just uploaded something for QL fans on my YouTube page that I think you'll get a kick out of.

As you all know, the version of "Somewhere in the Night" from the soundtrack album was a completely different recording from what we heard on the TV show. Guest star Marietta DePrima doesn't duet with Scott anywhere on the track; there's also a backing choir and some extra instrumentation that was nice but, in my opinion, was unnecessary. All that was needed was Scott and Marietta and a piano.

On YouTube, whenever anyone would upload the song, they would only upload the first piece that we hear, not the duet, and certainly not the instrumental part heard over the end credits (although the latter was only ever clearly heard on the DVD, since the NBC announcer talked over the initial airing, and the cable airings just slap the generic QL theme over the end credits).

This is my attempt to create the first ever full TV version of the song. I took all three different clips and mixed them together to create what feels like the most logical, musically satisfying possible version.

Mind you, based on what we learned from the soundtrack album, the last verse is actually the first one we hear on TV. (That makes sense, logically, as Sam finishes playing just after we get back from commercial break. If there were more verses on the sheet in front of him, he would have kept playing.) Then, in the middle of the episode, he starts from, well, the start of the song, but then stops before completing it. (Guess that photographic memory only goes so far!)

However, having said all that, I listened to the separate pieces and decided that, musically, it was much more powerful to build to the duet than to start with the duet and then drop down to just one person singing. So the order you hear the verses is the order that you hear them on the TV show.

I used the instrumental section for a bridge in the middle of the song, and then put the remainder at the end so it sounds like a proper coda.

Anyway, I hope this is fun for you to listen to!


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