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Default Thank you to all

I wanted to take this time to say thank you to the committe to Brian and everyone for making my first QL convention so memorable. I will never forget it.
The reason that I went to the convention was not only my huge love for QL but also to meet Scott.
And it was not a hollywoodish reason.
My mother as many you know has dementia and when she went to the hospital twice once last year and once a week before convention.
I was frightened for her.
I used that special song from Pool hall blues to keep me calm. and it helped so much to hear Scott singing voice so tranquil and beautiful saying that things would be alright. That man's singing voice got me through all that scary time it was like a prayer.
So when I met Scott I got overwhelmed and just had this emotional volcano come over me. Jay who is so nice said to me Cynthia be calm in Spanish and Said yes Jay.
So when he gave me that Jimmy Stewart hug(Scott) I was just so blessed.
So thank you so much to all.
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