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Default Season one booklet?

I just brought season one and ... does it have a booklet? There's a space for one in the DVD's jacket, at least that's what I'm guessing the pocket is for. If it was supposed to be a booklet, what am I missing?
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All there was in mine was a leaflet touting some other Universal Playback goods. Then again, that was a Region 2 boxset, but I doubt Region 1 was much different.
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Yeah I got a leaflet for Universal Playback DVD set's (Buck Rogers, BSG etc.) aswell on my R2 set.

This was chatted about on an older thread and I think everyone decided it was just that it was cheaper to manufacture the packaging in pocketed 'Digipack' cases then make a whole new batch.

Moral of the story, Universal are Cheap!!
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Thats the same with my R2 Season 1 boxset, I think all Universal Playback DVD's come with a leaflet of some sort advertising their range. In fact now that I think about it, my Season 1 & 2 boxset of Miami Vice which is part of the Universal Playback range, came with an A5 sized 2007 mini-catalogue
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I see no one from the US or Canada has responded, so I will. In my Region 1 Season One box's pocket, I received the same kind of Universal advertising that was mentioned above.
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I also bought Region 1, and the pocket was empty.
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I had a leaflet of some sort. I threw it away, since it didn't pertain to QL though....
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Default DVD digipack photos

In February 2007, I was doing some temp work at a factory that makes digipacks. As G,T, F or W. (going with God here) would have it, I was there at just the right time for making new Season 1 region 1 packaging. Still has the pocket. I think it is just for the Universal advertisement.

But, I was able to grab some defective covers. I had to cut the photos of Al and Sam off the packs before I could keep them. Got several. If anyone is interested. I would need SASE that would 7 x 8 size. I have a limited supply so it will be first come first serve.

Please contact me thru Private Messages. I am very busy right now, but will get bak to you.
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Mine had a hundred dollar bill in it! (Just kidding, of course! Mine was empty as well.)
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