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DBS Producer Aurora
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Default Website Update and Producers Notes - 11/22/02


Yupper! The website has been updated! *grin*

Producers Notes

Well, it's been an incredible month for QD Leap! With the release of the Promos and Prologue, the entire cast is infused with renewed enthusiasm for the play and are working hard to bring you the next installments.

I'd like to thank everyone who downloaded the Prologue! Please, feel free to post up here what you thought about it!

Project Status

Episode One

With a minor revision to the script, the voice actors are working hard to finish it up. Chrono is suffering from a mild sore throat so he's taking some time off from recording to let it heal. Shane has said that he'll start recording lines very soon. Krystal is just finishing up a school play but has promised to get to work on her lines as soon as she has time to breath. Part Three might be delayed maybe a week... we'll see how it goes. But Parts One and Two will go up on the air date listed!

I'm still looking for some minor sound effects to add to it plus I'm pondering several different kinds of music.

The Holiday Greetings from the Cast and Crew of QD Leap

A lot of us are having tons of fun doing these! Estimated release: either December 13 or December 20

The Quantum Leap Journals

First up, the Calavicci Girls! This is about half finished at the moment. I'm waiting for lines from two of the girls plus a couple of other voice actors. Estimated release: early December

Who's to come: Tina, Gushie, Verbena, Donna, Al

The Calavicci Cat Fight

This is still in the beginning stages but is being recorded. This is going to be a funny one! Estimated release: mid December?

Remembering Miracles of Love - Sammy-Jo

Still in it's very beginning stages. Jay has started to record her lines and MJ and I are tearing around the net to find just the perfect sounds for it! This one is rated a two hanky vinette. Estimated release: unknown at this time

Tom Beckett Vinette

Still being written! Estimated release: early January

A Mothers Sacrifice - A Technomancer Vinette

Written and in the casting phase! *points to her post about it* Estimate release date: unknown at this time

Phew! Can you tell we're dedicated to this? *laugh*

Ciao for now!
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