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To a precious few, it was a paradise; a haven from the hectic pace of the real world....

To others it was a nightmare.... Nothing on this quaint island is what it seems....


Once you enter... you may not escape....

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QL Damsel
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Post Maxwell Robinson

Played by: Bryan Datillo

Job description: Gardener and handyman
Parents: Edward Grant and Olivia Robinson (both still living)

Born August 24, 1993.

Maxwell Robinson was born outside of the complex, and was raised at his Aunt Josephine's house. When he was thirteen, Maxwell was brought back to the complex to live with his mother, where they got reacquainted. Upon moving into the complex, Maxwell attended the schools in the complex and found that his calling was in horticulture. Lothos had wanted the grounds outside of the complex kept neat and tidy and beautiful for his workers, so he gave Maxwell a chance; which he proved himself well.

Being 5'9, Maxwell's tan muscular body keeps the girls around the complex on their toes, but his down to earth nature surprises them. As he matured, Max's true nature began to emerge, and it puzzled him at times why he behaved as he did. Until he learned of his father's identity, and decided that he truly was his father's son. In more ways than one.
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My god MJ! That actor looks like the one who played Sam's mirror image in Genesis. Capt. Tom Stratton. Is that him?

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