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Default Disappointment

It seems that all the talk over the last few years of a movie/tv series revival, is all for not. That's a great dissappointment, there's still so much potential. But I can somewhat understand why it hasn't yet and may never be realized. Part of what we all loved about the show was the originality and well written plots. Starting a new project based on another older one can be difficult to pull off successfully. I mean how many of us really enjoyed most of the old TV series remakes into movies, at least as far as they related to the series. While it's not inconcievable that there may be a remake or a movie of QL, I personally think that Bellisario, if involved wants it to be tasteful and in the heart of the original series. Not only that but even if he pulls Bakula and Stockwell back into it, Stockwell isn't going to live forever, he is up in the years. He needs to transition the eries to a mostly new cast, Perhaps if we take it that since Mirror sam hasnt been seen but we have AL a retiring Admiral taking the project and turning it over to Sams offspring. With Sams daughter looking for him you could still have bakula as guest star, and not have to worry about the other dynamics. in 20 years time progress can be made in leaping technology allowing for more possibilites.

The key to this project would be to find a pair that goes together as well as Stockwell and Bakula did. And further more be able to write scripts that are compelling and show the hunt for Sam, but still adding enough that each episode is rather self contained like the original series.

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We're still holding on to the hope that there will be a movie. Eventually. Though if it is a remake with new actors, I'm not sure that I'd enjoy it. I don't think the idea is dead yet, and I'm keeping my eyes out for news.
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If they made a QL ANYTHING (movie/series etc) without Scott and Dean as the leads, I wouldnt like it. Scott and Dean made the show. Without them its nothing.

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I must admit, it would be no where as good without them, but I think I would still watch it. Maybe not a whole serise, a film, yes.
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