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To a precious few, it was a paradise; a haven from the hectic pace of the real world....

To others it was a nightmare.... Nothing on this quaint island is what it seems....


Once you enter... you may not escape....

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Post Alia

Played by: Renee Coleman

Job Description: Leaper

If Sam Beckett was able to travel in time, it would stand to reason that sometime another person would do the same.

Alia told Sam that she was with a time travel experiment, and she too suffered from Swiss Cheese memory and had no control over where she went. The one thing she really wanted above all was to go home.

When they met again, Alia told Sam she had been tortured and that the experience was worse than death. She begged Sam not to let her go through that kind of pain again, and Sam suggested that if they were to hold teach other when they leaped, they might be able to go together. They did, right into Mallard Correctional Facility for women. In an attempt to keep Lothos from locking onto her brainwaves, Sam altered them by slightly hypnotizing her into believing she was the woman into whom she had leaped.

While Alia didn?t seem to be completely evil (why else would she want to be redeemed?) she did wonder why some people helped other people. Apparently such behavior was either not in her background or had been conditioned out by some means.

Lothos reported that Alia was lost and Ziggy reported to Al that she was free from Lothos' grasp.
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