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Default Voice Acting


I was wondering if the Radio files are still being made? If so I would love the oportunity to give it a try.

My accent is very different to other places but that's not a problem.


Janna Galaxy
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Hi Janna!

Yes, the Radio Files are indeed still being made - only now they are being produced by several groups rather than just one. I suppose all that means is that you have the opportunity to "give it a try" multiple times and in multiple venues!

Right now, the three companies working on QL audios are Quantum Reality Productions, Dream Realm Productions and Darker Projects Productions.

I'm currently working with two of the groups (QRP & DRP) and I believe the proper way to get involved is to contact whatever group(s) you're interested in working with directly and to tell them what you'd like to do - usually that involves joining that group's mailing list/yahoo group. Through that, you should be able to get audition lines, VA specifications, notices of parts, etc.

The contact information is available here: www.quantumleap-alsplace....ontact.htm

Hope this helps!
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LOL, Gelf beat me to a response!

For anyone that asked about getting involved in providing voices for characters in specific upcoming scripts, it's important to know that MJ moved over to Dream Realm Enterprises. So, any scripts she had coming up for Quantum Reality are now at DR instead. Quanta-Dimensional Leap and anything related to it will still be produced by Aurora over at QR Pro.

Hope that helps clear things up too!
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