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Default Sammy Jo's Accent?

Cart-before-the-horse, obviously, but here's a thought. IIRC, the "Trilogy" episodes were set in the American South, and that's where Sammy Jo is from. If the ABLF spinnoff series gets made, should the actress use a Southern accent in the character's dialogue? Or should she use her own accent (or a standard American accent, if the actress is not American)?

-- Mike L.
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I guess for continunity they should keep the Southern accent. However, if they are willing to change Sammi-Jo's show to get a key-demographic, how knows what else they are willing to do.
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I would like for her to retain a Southern accent (or more specifically in the case of Trilogy...a north Louisiana accent <g>)
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She should deffinatly keep the accent
. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
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