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Default Final official update!

Hello Leapers!

Wanted to drop a quick note letting you know that DVD sets have finally begun to ship (for those that have ordered) and some fans in the U.S. may even receive them in time for Christmas!

For DVD shipping questions or issues, please contact Barbara@leapback2009.com

It’s been a pleasure serving you and celebrating with you as the President and CEO of The Leap Back 2009, Inc.

As of January 1st, 2010, the corporation will be closed and I’ll go back to being “Al’s Place Bartender” but it’s been a great experience for me overall and I thank you for all your support over these past few years from the first day we opened leapback2009.com in July of 2006 up until now. I look forward to being with you as we continue to celebrate Quantum Leap and our wonderful fandom.

Please enjoy the DVD of the convention and thank you again for the memories we’ve had, and in advance for the continued enjoyment of this amazing program that we’ll have in the future.

I’ll see you right here at Al’s Place soon I hope!

Brian Greene
President and CEO of The Leap Back 2009, Inc.
And always… Al’s Place Bartender

Brian Greene
Al's Place Bartender
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