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Default Overdubbing in S2 DVD's?

I wonder if anyone has noticed this.

On the Season 2 DVD, listen closely to Al's voice during the scene in MIA when "Georgia on My Mind" is supposed to be playing. It doesn't really sound like Dean Stockwell to me!

Seriously, listen to it a couple times and post back. I think they're using other actors' voices for certain scenes where the music is replaced. At the very least, for that scene in MIA.

What do you all think?

In Peace,
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Default > Overdubbing in S2 DVD's?

I don't think Dean Stockwell's voice was dubbed for this scene. Although Dean's voice is dubbed many times throughout the series (in original airings), I think the case here is that Dean sounds different because the song's gone. His lines were specifically timed around lyrics and his voice a certain tone which wouldn't have sounded awkward if "Georgia On My Mind" was playing like it was supposed to.
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