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Question wow this is wicked!!!

alright i'm a newbie... just found out about this place and it's awesome... i've been a quantum leap fan for so long i had most of the episodes on vhs but i just got the first 4 seasons on dvd and i've been watching them like crazy!!!.... none of my friends are fans of the show so i've never had anyone to talk about it with.... i've got so many questions!!!... i've always wanted to hear someone elses opinion on what the hell the last episode "mirror image" meant... not sure exactly how this website works yet but someone message me if you can and let me know your interpretation of that episode- who was the bartender(time/fate...etc. but what do u really think)? what was the significance of leaping in the minute he was born? who was stropaw(a leaper)? why did no one remember him after he lept? why did sam look like himself? why did all the characters have names that sam was familiar with? why did the ziggy character know stropaw and say that he had been dead for (i think)30 years? what was the place that he leaped(wasn't really pennsylvania right... somekind of waiting room?) once sam helped al, did al no longer keep leaping with him?... please someone answer 1 or all of my many questions... this episode has been eating at my brain for 13 years now!!!!!

love the site!!!- catch ya on my next leap to al's place...hahahahaa that sounds so gay but whatever were all leap geeks here right?!!
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Those questions that you have asked are questions that have been plaquing us for some time now. I don't know if anyone has the answers to all of your questions, but I'm sure that more than one will respond to what you have written.

Welcome to the site!

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Welcome from the resident Brit.

Pull up a barstool and have a Rodbeer (The House speciality!)

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Hello, and welcome to the board!
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HELLO! Welcome to Al's Place!
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Hey, and Welcome to the Board! Nice to see new leapees and good on you for not giving in when your friends don't like QL - Just because us QL fans are hard to find doesn't mean we're not here!
Ummm.... Quantum Leap
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Welcome to the board! Many of us have been Leapers for a long time and still have questions, so you're in good company.
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Welcome to the board Tom Beckett. Always nice to meet new fans.
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