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I won't be around that often for the rest of this week and next (spending New Year's with a special someone ) so, I would just like to take this time now to wish everyone
A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a great one!
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Ditto Damon and to everyone else - have a GREAT time and I hope that there won't be toooooo many hangovers or upset tummies
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The Rod
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The Rod too wishes everybody out there a very Merry Christmas.

He may not be quite as frequent a visitor as He once was, but he still has a lotta Love for all of you Cats & Kittens!!

While He is not a particularly religious dude (unless of course you include His religious love for The RodKini and the Hot Rodette in general) He DOES believe in Christmas to the point of giving (and recieving) best wishes and gifts (He especially likes recieving gifts!!!!), so Best wishes to All!!!!!!
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Have a very Merry Christmas everybody and a wonderous New Year. I hope each and everyone here has a special Christmas.

Leap On!

<a href="http://www.quantumleaping.com" target="_new">www.quantumleaping.com</a>
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A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

to all my friends at Al's place.

To paraphrase Jack Daniels, please enjoy the season responsibly!

I'm with MJ on wishing we could all meet up for a group hug, but meantime, I'm with all you guys in spirit: the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of Quantum Leap.

Have a great time folks.
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Default Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays to All and a Very Happy New Year!

Here's wishing everyone good times with good friends and many more to come!

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Default Re: Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas everyone, and a very happy New Year... I hope I'll have enough time in all these things I have to do to include you.... I just hope we'll all be able to enjoy this time of the year...

It's my first Christmas on this board too, and I surely hope it's not the last. I hope you all spend this special time with the ones you love, and that you get what you wanted...

Well, I'll see you around... as soon as I can get the time... and I'll finally answer to your posts.

Happy Holidays again!!!

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Default Re: Happy Holidays

I'll say it again here too... Merry Christmas EVERYONE!
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Default Re: Happy Holidays

I hope for each of you that the best thing about this Christmas will be wonderful and special memories of being with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Default Re: Re: Happy Holidays

best wishes for everyone and their loved ones during this festive holiday season!

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Default Merry Christmas!

Good morning! Merry Christmas, everybody! I can't really say more than anyone above, but I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and all the best of times with your family and friends. ^_^ I hope Santa was good to you and that the spirit of Christ is with you, not only now, but year round!

... Mike. ^_^
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