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Default When the leap in/out is not of the form we're used to...

Because the series follows Sam's journey, it's not surprising that most of the time all we see him leaping out of one scenario and into another. However, there have been a few occasions where we've seen more of what goes on with a leap, and I thought it would be fun to list them.

In Double Identity, when the Project attempts to leap Sam home, GFTW intervenes and leaps him into Don Gino. So this is the first instance where we see a host leap out and Sam replace him. It's also the first instance where we see a host leap back.

In the B**gieman, GFTW resets the leap, so Sam literally leaps back to the beginning of the leap with the full memory of what happened the first time. To Sam and the viewers, this just looks like spinning and passing out.

In Lee Harvey Oswald, Sam leaps into a photograph. Also, when he leaps around to different parts of Oswald's life, we don't see the usual blue and white spiderweb leap, but rather a second of flashing between the two scenarios with a blue background. When he leaps out of Oswald, it's a combination of this strange flashing effect with the usual spiderweb leap. And finally, when he leaps out of the Secret Service agent, the host returns in a photograph.

In Deliver Us From Evil we see Alia tortured during her leap out due to her failure to complete the mission. We also see the first instance of a red leap effect from the evil project.

In Dr Ruth we see Dr Ruth leap out of the Waiting Room and be replaced by the vampire.

In Return of the Evil Leaper we see Dawn leap out with the red leaping effect and be replaced by Alia. Later in the episode we see Alia almost leapt out by Lothos but a last-minute blue spiderweb shows us that she leaps with Sam.

In Revenge of the Evil Leaper we see Myers leap out with the red leaping effect and be replaced by Zoey. Alia leaps out with the blue effect and we see her replaced with her host. Finally Zoey is leapt out by Lothos after being shot and we see her replaced with Myers.

In Mirror Image, Stawpah leaps with the blue effect and simply disappears.

Have I missed any?
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In "A Leap For Lisa" although it appears to be a normal leap-in, Sam actually leaps into a dream.

Also to elaborate on "Deliver Us From Evil," Alia was tortured and was leapt out by Lothos for failing, but it was also cool to see the entire timeline completely destroy itself and the leap reset in a similar way as in "The Boogiem@n."

In "Genesis," we see the most dramatic example of leaping, where we seem to see a journey through time and the alarm clock rewinding. And it occurs again when PQL attempts to retrieve Sam unsuccessfully.

In "The Leap Back," we get to see a partial leaping effect from another unsuccessful attempt from PQL to retrieve Sam.

In "Shock Theater," we see Sam and Al "simo-leap" as well as a lighning bolt splitting and striking Al.

At the end of "Revenge Of the Evil Leaper," we see Alia leaps out with GFT/PQL's blue leaping effect, but we can also see the shotgun blast go through the effect during the split second before Angel returns.

At the end of "M.I.A.," we see the leaping effect occur from a distance without Sam actually being in the picture at all, and we see that Al immediately disappears as well.
- Chris
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