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Default Merry Christmas 2003 Gift to my fellow Leapers

Brian has kindly posted my newest piece of artwork, a gift from me to my fellow Leapers.


This is my Merry Christmas 2003 QL gift that continues the "It's a Wonderful Leap" theme. It's actually an experiment; this is the first time I've drawn a picture using the art style of "Chibi". I saw this picture in my mind and knew that chibi-style would be perfect for it.

This piece is composed of four pieces of artwork: Sam, Angela, Al, and the pig. The text, the grass, and my name were added using Paint Shop Pro 7.

Any major Leaper will get the joke.

Merry Christmas!
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Thanks Joy! Merry Christmas to you too and to all others! This is my first Christmas on this message board. And I finally know how to post an image! :hurray
~Steve(aka RossBeckett)
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And here's my Chrishtmas gift to you all:

Merry Christmas from Sam & Al

Needs Windows Media Player (9 series) to work
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Thanks Sue! Warm and fuzzy all over...

Ross, let's watch the size of the images you post... good lord man. It slows down the speed of the board's loading ability. Also, as part of good Internet etiquette, you should always ask the owner of an image path if it's OK to use their path. Some people can get real upset about that.

You used my image path and since this board is a part of my own website, it's fine, but try to stay away from the huge images in the Imaging Chamber lol.
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Those are great, Joy!

I don't have a Christmas gift to share, but I did find a Christmas poem that I wrote back in grade school that you might enjoy...I wrote this for a book that our school put together of "Christmas poems and recipes." It ended up becoming the first page.

The True Meaning of Christmas
By: A young Krystal

Hot apple cider, cookies and milk,
The snow on the ground looks smooth as silk.
Snow men and angel imprints in the snow,
I love to sing carols and hang mistletoe.
Christmas tree ornaments hung with such care,
Candy and presents on Christmas we?ll share.

Now Christmas may seem like all laughter and fun,
But please don?t forget that God gave us his son.
Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, their sheep,
All gathered round as baby Jesus did sleep.
The wise men came with gifts for the king,
High up in heaven, the angels did sing.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

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