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Unhappy G'bye, Deputy Fife

I just read on the Yahoo home page that Don Knotts, best known for his role as Mayberry's Deputy Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith Show, has died. He was 81 years old.

Rest in peace, Barney. We'll miss you.

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Goodbye Mr. Furley
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As a person who grew up in Mt. Airy, NC (home of a young Andy Griffith and the town Mayberry was based on), this is shocking. Thanks for posting the news. Very sad to the world that loved him, and personally saddening to me.

Brian Greene
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Rest in Peace, Barney.
"Look, would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?"--Arthur Dent

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That really is to bad. I always enjoy watching old eps of The Andy Griffith Show. R.I.P. Barney
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Makes the Scooby Do cartoons with him in them even more special...
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I just read the news on AOL.com a few minutes ago...how sad! Goodbye Barney, Mr. Furley, and TW the Turtle (Cat's Don't Dance)...you brought a lot of joy and laughter to us all.

Samantha Beckett
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He's the mayor of Oakey Oaks! The TV Repairman in Plesantville. The Incredible Mr. Limpet!!

Don will always be missed.
"Oh boy!"
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Goodbye to a very talented man.
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Default Many Fond Memories

Bye Barney!
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