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Default Quantum leap meets batman part 4

Gooshie appears to Sam and Sam turns round in the leather chair of the bat cave and says


"Dr beckett" gooshie smiles at Sam while tapping into the handlink.

"wheres Al?"

"he's trying to get your counter part back sam"

"so why gooshie am I here?"

Gooshie informs Sam of his mission

meanwhile unaware to sam Alfred is observing the situation seeing Sam talk to a invisible friend on his monitor screen he says to himself monitoring the situation.

"so it looks like we have an imposter in our mids"

Alfred turns and opens a cupboard entering a code into a key pad on the side of the cupboard and a sercet compartment opens up showing yet another batman suit.

Sam nods at gooshie at receiving the information from ziggy and then all the screens turn off one after the other In front of Sam.

Sam turns back to the computer and says

"what's going on? Am locked out the system not responding to anything am doing it won't even turn on"

Sam trys to turn the monitors on again and typing fast on the keyboard with no joy.

Gooshie taps into the handlink looking puzzled while the situation unfolds

"ziggy doesn't know what's happening Sam"

Suddenly Gas canisters are throw near Sam and white gas starts to surround Sam from every direction.

Looking confused Sam starts to find it hard to breathe.

Sam trys to say with not much breath "get Al... Al......now"

Sam falls over and passes out after his final words to gooshie.

Another batman fully suited up steps out forward from the shadows with a blue batman logo on his chest and looks over Sams body and steps over his body.

Gooshie disappears into thin air.....

Meanwhile back in the future

Al points his gun with a red sighted lazor beem and he steps through the shop being very careful wearing night vision goggles.

The red dot moves around the walls of the shop looking for its target.

Scanning the shop area with his night vision everywhere looking green the lazor scans the shop and in the corner he sees two people hanging up from rope out cold hanging from the ceiling.... Suddenly gas canisters catchs Al off guard and is throw all over the shop and the shop slowly starts filling up with smoke.

Al already thinking ahead puts a oxygen breathing device in his mouth and at that same moment his gun is kicked out of his hand from a bat coming out from the shadows really fast and sam looking like a cheap version of batman kicks Al from under his feet knocking him off balance backwards banging his head behind him out cold on the floor but before Al passes out he sees Sam eyes from under the cheap home made mask of the batman mask looking over him looking into his eyes and next all Al could see was darkness turning into blackness like the darkness of the night......

When Al wakes up he is tied up his arms and legs bound hanging over the side of a building high above the street and is hanging with batman looking at him standing on the side of the building with a knife in hand ready to cut the rope looking down at Al with the ground of the street underneath his feet.

Batman says with Sams voice

"who are you!"


"OK Al answer my questions and you will live if you don't the street will claim you"

Al says looking at the street below

"oh boy!"

End of part 4
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