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Default soo, since I have absolutely no life...

I was messing around with windows movie maker...and finding out that I could use my QL episodes to make random stuffs...I spent a good chunk of the day playing around with it...came up with this

it was my first time messing around with this kind of thing without using animated gifs (which suck for making videos..) and I kinda like it ^-^

Gonna try to make another one...that doesn't suck as bad...(was only using season 1)

Andd...YouTube hasn't deleted it! Yayyyyy!
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I liked it! That was really great for a first attempt! I'm beginning to get into making fanvids but I dont have the technology yet, nor the know-how to do so, LOL! Kudos!

Samantha Beckett
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Thumbs up

Very nice fanvid.
excellant for a 1st attempt.

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