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Default Suggested Reading for Season 11


Season 11 is coming in about a month (PLUG!! PLUG!!!)...Not 1 but 2 (!!!) story arcs are coming (thanks Enterprise for the arc ideas)...Soooooo...for those who are new and are starting to read the Virtual Season stories or others who have not caught up yet, here is a list of some of the stories that might help you understand what is going on in (PLUG) Season 11...sort of a Who You Need To Know list...

Eps. 819 Brotherhood PArt I (AJ Burfield)
Eps. 820 Brotherhood Part II (AJ Burfield)
Eps. 1013 Second Genesis Part I (Damon Sugameli)
Eps. 1014 Second Genesis Part II (Damon Sugameli)
Eps. 1019 Guinea Pig Part I (Greg Carey)
Eps. 1020 Guinea Pig Part II (Greg Carey)
Eps. 1030 Touch 'Em All (Greg Carey)
Eps. 1031 Lifetime: Future's End (Damon Sugameli)
Eps. 1032 Lifetime: Past's Prologue (Damon Sugameli)
Eps. 1101 Lifetime: Part III (Damon Sugameli - coming 9/20)
Hope this helps...If you read most of these already you're ahead of the game. Can't wait til Season 11 gets rolling, it's gonna be different.


if any of the other arc writers have an episode I missed and wish to add it, please do....Confidentially, there was a story I omitted on purpose...
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