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Happy Anniversary, QL! We all miss the show and hope it returns in some form.

(It is the bartender's site, after all, and QL is legal now! lol)
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wow so it was first shown in 1989 - i always thought it was 1988 - or maybe thats when they made it?
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Originally Posted by Nytrydr View Post
I live in Perth, Western Australia (a damn long way from Sydney) and have always distance to excuse myself while still considering myself a big fan -I am humbled and embarassed (because of my lack of it) by your awesomeness and committment.
Perth is no excuse for not attending, my rooomie at the convention is from Perth. Since meeting on this site I have made 2 roadtrips to WA to visit her, one before the con (just to make sure she wasn't a psycho lol) and one after the con because I miss her. Love and miss you Bexter!

OK by my calculations that makes 8 aussie and 1 kiwi QL fans, nearly enough to hold the next con down under! If we hold it in our summer DBP is already here and I'm sure Scott would love to take his family on an aussie holiday!

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