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Default Wow Totally Impressed!!!

I know I don't post very much, I work a ton. But I do make plenty of stops here and read what is being said and all the news coming in.
But I am sitting here listening to the "Impossible Dream" and it's great. The voice of Sam is remarkable it makes the story come to life. I am just really impressed with the storyline and the actors.
I wasn't sure if I wanted to even send in my story for your shows but, after hearing such a remarkable story and wonderful actors, I know you guy's take this type of writing seriously.
Again Fantastic job to the writer, and the actors I truly enjoyed the show.
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QL Damsel
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I'm pleased as punch that you enjoyed it.
I most definitely enjoyed putting it all together so that you could enjoy it. And, I'm sure that Shane Devon (Sam) and Gelfling1220 (the writer) thank you as well.

Come back soon to listen to more. The script is still in the works.

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Thanks so much! I really appreciate your comments! It was a ton of fun to write and MJ and Shane did a terrific job (as always!) I hope you get the chance to hear some of their other work too! (MJ's "Remembering Miracles of Love" is a great piece, if I may put in a bit of plugosity )

Happy listening!
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