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Originally Posted by QL Nut
I hate to bring this up, boys and girls, but even Quantum Leap borrowed elements from past time-travel shows.
Yes, we had a chat here a while back about QL's similarities to the 60s series Time Tunnel. We can say that QL is a much better show, but maybe there are fans of Time Tunnel out there somewhere who think QL is a ripoff! I think every TV show these days borrows elements or themes from earlier shows. It's hard to avoid when there have been so many shows over the past 60 years.
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I saw the teaser two nights ago, and it did catch my attention... I too was immediately struck by it's BLATANT similarity to QL. I don't know what will happen to it... it seems that whenever any network gambles a lot on a show, it flops more than a fish does on deck.

One thing to keep in mind is the landscape of TV has dramatically changed since QL originally aired. Over saturation has lead to bland rehashes of the same old thing. A buddy of mine who works out there said most networks are scrambling to get the leftover Trek viewers who were left hanging.

Magical shows like QL, and even the original Star Trek show were unexpected hits because no one saw them coming.

Its when we least expect a hit show like QL that we'll be taken by surprise. My bet is this new rehash, uhmm... reincarnation, uhmm... NEW show by NBC doesn't have the heart and soul to make it truly special. QL's heart is what made it work, and still popular to this day.

Okay, off the soapbox for now!

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Originally Posted by LadyKayoss
Can't say I like the comment about Al. It doesn't exactly make me want to watch the show...

On the contrary, I felt as if the comment was a personal feeling by the author of the article. The author doesn't like the character of Al Calavicci. I reccommend watching the pilot to see if you like it. Put aside the fact that it's a ripoff of QL and watch it.

~Steve B.
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That article totally P***ed me of! Why make copies? Would it be easier just to bring the show back? Ok, now it seems abit dated but it's such a classic. If I see another reality show I think I may just scream my guts out!
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Speaking of Quantum Leap rip-offs, what about that web comic called HALEY... about a girl who died in a plane crash and now rides a comets tale back and forth to Earth possessing the bodies of women all throughout history to win souls for God or the devil! AND she has an angel who assists her when a change is made... some nerdy angel named Skippy! What a rip!

waitaminute, waitaminute... I WRITE THAT!! Say, isn't imitation the best form of flattery? Well, Haley is, after all, openly a QL-inspired story. And I must disagree... Sliders is NOTHING like QL, other than the whole different place each episode thing... time travel and alternate Earths are two different sciences, aren't they? Anyway, I've seen the same storylines used in and out of TV Land history. And we will see more.

So go read Haley and let me know what you think... if you dare:


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I won't like it, the guy's ugly!!! How shallow am I!!!!

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