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Default What do u wana c in ABLF TV movie &/or series?

Hey, I posted some of this on the QL sci-fi msg board before I found out about Al?s Place?

I just found out about the new project, so i thought 'what would i like to see?'

This is what I?d like to see from the TV movie (based on the imdb synopsis)?

?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam finally leaps home. Project QL is shut down.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp We see him in the future with Donna, Al & Beth. Sam is happy.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Until Donna is killed/murdered.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam grief stricken believes he can refine leaping to certain time & place to save Donna.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp But there is some threat that limits his time, say, government forbids it.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam breaks into the project to reconfigure the parameters, but agents storm in
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam is at the control panel, an agent shoots, it just misses Sam but hits ziggy.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sam runs into the accelerator chamber and vanishes.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The bullet destroys his new configuring and Ziggy?s ability to track Sam.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp So Al recruits Sammy (reasoning: Ziggy says best chance of locating Sam is to send someone after him & the whole hologram thing is preset for Sam & Al, but it would also work with a direct relative).
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp But fate steps in and Sammy is sent righting wrongs?

Then (hopefully) a series of ABLF or ?Quantum Leap: Re-Genesis? (as I?d like to call it) ensues, so this is what I?d like to see?

?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sammy-Jo leaping guided by Al, occasionally running into Sam (played by Bakula) in the season finales only to lose him again in the next season premiere,
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp See Sam experiencing harder leaps without any observer information to help,
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp The return of the Evil leapers,
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp More dead coming back to save the living (Stawpah in ?Mirror Image?),
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Al return to see the girl from ?Another Mother?, Obviously see won?t be able to see him but it?ll still be nice,
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Sammy leaping into the institution where Al?s sister Trudy is held (enormous potential for an MIA type emotional storyline where Al can?t change the past)
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Not all happy endings ? you cant save everyone, bad stuff still happens and there?s nothing better than a guilt ridden flawed heroine.
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Serious issues from the female perspective (rape, abortion etc).
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Leaps outside the US, confronting other issues e.g. the 3rd World (starvation, poverty, AIDS, child-labor)
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Modern history based leaps (e.g. Sept 11 ? maybe the reason the 4th plane missed its target was Sammy, or a storyline concerning the tsunami).
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Short leaps recognizing the little things that can make a difference (a kind word, minor decisions, etc) Like the cat in the tree in ?Honeymoon Express?
?&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Exploration of the butterfly effect

But what do other fans hope to see in ABLF movie/series?

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