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Smile A Leap on Jump Street1: A Leap for Tom and Judy Chapter 4

Quantum Leap: A Leap on Jump Street Series

A Leap for Judy and Tom

By Heather Samantha Beckett

Disclaimer: I do not own the concept of Quantum Leap or 21 Jump Street or their characters, those solely belong to Don Belisario (Quantum Leap) and Stephen J Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh (21 Jump Street)

Chapter 4: A Hot Lead

Judy had decided not to eat lunch with Sam and the preppies because she was still peeve that Michelle said she wasn’t smart, so she told Sam that she was leaving school early and going back to the chapel and he was to meet her in front of the school at 3 PM so she could give him a ride back to the chapel.

Sam approached Clayton, Michelle, and three other students all seated around a table in the right corner of the cafeteria.

“Hey Tom, sit here,” Clayton said motioning Sam forward and pointing to an empty seat beside him.” Everyone this is Tom Hamilton. Tom this is Kristi, Aaron, and Jarrod. I believe you already met my girlfriend Michelle.

“The English scholar,” Michelle bragged.

“I wouldn’t know if I’d say that, Sam said modestly.

“Tom here is going to MIT after graduation aren‘t you Tom?” Clayton said slapping Sam on the back.

“Ah yea,” Sam Said.

“What will you study there?” Jarrod asked.

“Quantum Physics is my main passion don’t know what I will do with it. I am fascinated with it. So I want to study it.”

“That sounds fascinating,” said Kristi who was looking at Sam totally mesmerized.

Sam shifted uncomfortably in his seat the thought of a 17 year old looking at a 30 something man like that sent chills up his spine of course she was seeing a 21 year old Tom Hanson who looked 17 but it still gave him the creeps. If only she knew what the real Tom Hanson did for a living.

“What did you get on your SATS?” Aaron asked Sam.


“Whoa a perfect score? You must really be a genius,” Clayton said in amazement.

“I got a photographic memory.”

“Dude that is awesome,” said Aaron.

“Ditto,” Said Jarrod.

“Well that’s very ambitious,” Said Michelle.

“So did any of you know the girls that were attacked?” Sam said changing the subject.

“Tracy, Melissa and Alison were my best friends,” said Michelle the tears welling up in her eyes. “I can’t believe someone would have hurt them like that. Poor Alison, after she got out of the hospital she transferred to a private school and I never see her anymore. Melissa is out of the hospital but her parents have decide dot home school her and Tracy is still in the hospital in a coma. I… I….” Michelle choked “I can’t talk about it,” Michelle cried and buried her head in Clayton’s chest he held her and comforted her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you,” Sam said apologetically. “It’s ok man, you didn’t know,” said Clayton.

“And the other 2?” Sam pressed on.

“Jessica and Tammy Evans the twins. No they didn’t eat with us or hang out with us. They usually keep to themselves. They spent their lunch hour in the library studying or doing their homework. Now they were geeks,” Said Kristi. She would have normally laughed about this but given the current events and subject of discussion she just hung her head.

“I wish we could get the punks involved in this. If it is a guy behind this beating on woman, well then that just sucks and I can’t stand for that,” Said Clayton bawling his hands into fists and pounding them on the table. “My sister gets enough of that from my ol man.”

“Your dad hits your sister?” Sam asked Clayton in astonishment.

“Yea it’s bull. The only reason he beats on her is because she was born a girl. He wanted another son after me but got my sister instead and the jerk has never let her forget it.”

Sam’s heart went out to Clayton and his sister. Something about Clayton’s story struck a nerve in Sam. He couldn’t put his finger on it but it was eating away at his very soul.

“What’s the matter Sam you don’t look so hot,” said Al emerging from the door that appeared out of thin air.

“If you’ll excuse me I have to use the restroom,” said Sam getting up and excusing himself. “Walk with me,” he said motioning Al to follow him.

Al and Sam found the nearest boys restroom and entered.

“Please Al tell me you have good news for me. “

“Well yes and no,” Said Al.

“Ok ok give me the bad news first,” Sam said afraid to hear Al’s answer.

“Ok Ziggy doesn’t have any new info on who or what seriously injures Officer Hoffs. The good news is that all those kids you were sitting with at lunch time are innocent.”

“Well that’s sort of good news but not really.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because that means anyone could still be a suspect. I still don’t know what direction to look. Ok so we know its not any of those preps but it still could be anyone,” sighed Sam.

“Well Ziggy has reason to believe that it is an adult that is behind the attacks a teacher more than likely.”

“Really how did Ziggy figure that out?” asked Sam.

“Well in about a week or so a Melissa’s Cooper’s parents over hear their daughter talking her comatose sister. She is heard saying that no matter what it took a teacher will never take advantage of them again and that Bailey was going to pay for what he’s done. Her parents try to get her to talk to the authorities she can give them a lead but she refuses to talk anyone but her sister who like I said is in a coma.”

Sam thought fast, “Al have Ziggy run a check on all the faculty and staff at Jackson High and see if anyone has a first name of Bailey it isn’t that common a name.”

“Ziggy has already done that.”

“And?” Sam asked impaitently.

“There are no records of anyone with Bailey for a first name working at Jackson High.”

“Oh boy back to square one,” Sighed Sam.

“I’m sorry Sam,” Al said apologetically.

‘It’s ok Al. At least I have a slightly bigger lead then before.”

“Ok listen Sam, I’m going to press Ziggy for more info if I find anything out you will be the first to know,” Said Al pressing some buttons on his hand link. He turned to Sam, “Oh by the way Sam are you feeling ok? You seem distracted like you got you got something on your mind.”

Sam Sighed, “I don’t know what it is. Something about what that kid Clayton said about his father beating his sister and all these girls getting beaten up is really bothering me. I mean I ‘m a decent guy who hates seeing men hit woman but something about this is bothering me on a more personal level.”

“Oh geese Sam I’m sorry to hear that. I know what you mean I too hate seeing men abuse woman. I wouldn’t wish that on any woman not even any of my ex wives no matter how evil some of them were.”

“You don’t know anything about this do you? Like is there something my Swiss cheese brain is forgetting?”

“No it’s fine Sam. Well I got to go,” Said Al quickly. He left through his door so fast Sam’s head almost spun. Al was hiding something and before this leap was over Sam was going to find out what it was.

Back in the year 2000 officer Tom Hanson thought he was dreaming. The last thing he remembeww was being at the annual Bowlerama Bowling Tourney and he was in the middle of bowling an almost perfect game. He didn’t remember going to bed so he couldn’t have been dreaming. Then where in the world was he? All he could see was a bright light doorway and a crazily dressed man popping in and out of it Was he dead? How would he have gotten killed in a bowling alley? Had the bowling alley been held up? Had his cop instincts gotten him shot?

“Oh good you’re awake,” Al said to Tom as he popped out of the bright light doorway Tom saw him popping in and out of.

Tom starred at Al wide eyed and his mouth dropped open. The man in the crazy clothes was actually speaking to him. “Am I dead? Are you God?”

“Ah no, although some people would think I am,” said Al.

“This is the waiting room of Project Quantum Leap and you are in the year 2000. I am Al Calavichi, that is Tina, Gushie, Dr Donna Elese Becket and Dr Verbena Beeks. Dr Sam Beckett, the genius behind this project has leapt back in time to put right what once went wrong in your life.”

Tom looked around the waiting room and nodded everyone in it to acknowledge their presence. Then he looked up at the ceiling and yelled, “Ok guys the gig is up. These people you got roped into this look great, but come on what is up? It isn’t even April Fools day. Come on Penhall show yourself already. I surrender you truly are the prank master,” Tom said waiting for Penhall to pop out of nowhere and reveal himself as the prankster behind this elaborate hoax.

“Penhall is not there Tom. He is back in the year 1990 and you are in the year 2000 you have switched places in time with Dr Sam Beckett,” Al explained to Tom.

Tom caught a glimpse of himself in a mirror on a near by wall, but the reflection staring back at him was not his own.

“What the hell? Who is that?” demanded Tom.

“That is Dr Sam Beckett. When Sam looks in a mirror he sees your reflection.”

“Oh that makes sense,” laughed Tom who then fainted.

“Oh Phooey and I thought he was going to believe me.”

About a minuet later Tom suddenly sat up and grabbed Al’s arm.

“He’s changing history this Sam guy is?” Tom asked anxiously.

“Well what my computer Ziggy tells him needs changing.”Tom’s grip on Al tightened. “Please tell him to change Judy going out that creep college guy Bailey. I don’t like him. There is something weird about him. It seems like since she’s been going out with him she’s had a lot of ‘ “accidents” ’ lately, if you know what I mean. I am the only one who suspects domestic abuse but last time I tried talking to her about it, she practically chewed off my head.”

Al stared at Tom for a second.

“Please,” Tom pleaded. “Don’t let that maniac hurt her anymore.”

A light went off in Al’s head. He had a feeling he new who was attacking the girls at Jackson High and who was behind Judy getting seriously injured. He just couldn’t figure out the connection between an adult who is dating a cop and teenage girls. Al looked over at Tom Hanson who had fainted again. Al pressed some buttons on his hand link and disappeared through the door to tell Sam his hot new lead.


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