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Default Famous...

..., I am, for receiving both the highest and lowest ever marks for Virtual Seasons - for the same episode.

Stricken and hurt by the lowest marks, despite the concurrent highest marks, I haven't written anything since, and have devoted my creative juices to music instead.

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Hello from a member that joined much later than you did. Nice to meet you.

I'm actually starting reading the series right now. May I ask what episode it is that you wrote? I wouldn't be discouraged though, by the writing. After all, if you got both the highest and lowest marks, then it probably just had a pretty specific audience, and appealed to some people, but not to others. Experimental for the series, I would probably say. Just remember, as somebody who has gotten quite negative feedback on things that I've written, don't let one story discourage you. Remember, criticism is nothing more than telling someone how to become a better writer. Just try doubly hard to impress them with the next one, eh?

Anyways, nice to meet you.
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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
Just remember, as somebody who has gotten quite negative feedback on things that I've written, don't let one story discourage you.
OhBoy is right, don't let one or two negative comments get to you. If you know you did a good job at the story don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

I'm an artist. I do writing, sewing, and drawing. I know what it's like to be on the recieving end of negative comments and how it can hurt.

Don't let it discourage you.
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Yep, it happened so often that one teacher gave me top mark for my artistic work (at highschool and uni) and others barely a pass.

I haven't read your work, but I think ohboy is right too, it depends a lot on your audience and whether your style is matching with their expectations.
My theater club thought I was awful, except for a handful of people who loved what I did and next thing I knew I was accepted by 2 acting schools, one of them quite prestigeous.

Just saying, that if what you create is from the heart it's going to touch at least a few people, and if you want to reach a wider audience you may simply have to learn or practice the appropriate technique to reach them.
So keep writing, if you love it!

Although, I wouldn't mind hearing some of your music.

PS. just remembering something my boyfriend told me: "If you are an artist you have to put your work out there for everyone to see and comment on and as everyone is different there will be people who hate it and there will be unpleasant comments. As you can't change it, you should make your peace with it and focus on the feedback that is helpful."
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Default My my!

Famous he is!!!

Wow! I love (famous) people like you.
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Don't let what anyone says get to you.

Words never hurt.

Words only hurt if YOU let them.

All people's expression of something - whatever the medium, is awesome to have to see or listen.

Because all people's interpretation of a topic has something to say in it's own way - or shape - or form.

I am sure what you wrote would be awesome to read - please do tell me which story it is

I'd love to hear your music to if you play what you write

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