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Default Another QL reference in JAG!

I thought I was seeing things, but, WHOA!

At the end of the 12/12/03 holiday episode of JAG (didn't catch the title, sorry) Harm was visiting the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in Washington D.C. and looked at a name. The camera zoomed in on the name...

Sebastian LoNigro!

Cool! Very cool! :hurray
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Nice find Damon.

Leap On!

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I just saw the episode on tape and right at the end of the episode before he receives the good news from Matty and Mac he is visiting his father on the wall. When I saw both names, I got to thinking that maybe there really is a "Harmon Rabb Sr." who died in the Vietnam War and I already know that Don Bellisario has/had a friend named LoNigro. I guess his name is Sebastian. What I'm trying to say is, if that was really filmed at the Vietnam Vet. Memorial than Harmon Rabb Jr. and Sr and Sebastian LoNigro both existed at a time. If so, may they continue to rest in peace.

~Steve(aka RossBeckett)
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Actually, it was after I posted this that I realized it might not have been QL-related... I think I DO remember reading now that DPB knew a man named Sebastian LoNigro. Perhaps it WAS a QL-reference, perhaps it wasn't...

I guess I just automatically think of QL when I hear the name. Got QL on the brain, I tell ya!
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