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General Quantum Leap Questions

Q: In the 2nd season credits, what is the building used as the Quantum Leap above-ground structure?
A: The building at the beginning of the 2nd season credits is not the PQL structure above ground - it's the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Q: In honeymoon express, when the committee needed proof that Dr. Sam Beckett was back in time, why didn't Al take them to the waiting room and show them that the person was there, and that when he leaped another person was in that spot?
A: In the waiting room (which may be restricted even to top government
employees) is Sam's aura. They would only see Sam even if they could visit
there and might just make the argument that Sam was faking being other
people to get the funding or even worse, they could assume he had developed
multiple personalities. They would see the other person as Sam...not who he
leaped into. Only Al sees Sam as Sam and the other person as whoever they
might be (this was not the case in earlier seasons such as when Sam was
Samantha Stormer and Al was drooling over him. Something must have changed to make Al see Sam as Sam such as the possibility that Gushie or Tina was able to program the brainwaves to see the real person. That is vague, I
know, but anyhow...). This is seen in the episode "Killin Time" when Gushie
walks up on Leon Styles and calls him Dr. Beckett. Leon says "why does he
keep calling me that?" And Gushie says "because you look like him."
Q: But what if Al took the officials into the hologram chamber, and they saw
Only Al can see anything in the imaging chamber because it is tuned to Sam's brainwaves and Al's. Anything Al is touching can be seen by Sam as in "Shock Theater" when Al brings Verbeena Beeks into the imaging chamber by holding her hand, but she can not see or hear Sam and Sam can not hear her either. In books I have read, it explains that Beeks may look like she can see Sam, but remember she is a shrink and knowing that Sam can see her in the state he was in, she probably just pretended to see Sam to comfort him. As soon as Al lets go of her hand, she disappears from sight.
Q: But when Sam was the rape victim, Sam could hear the girl tell her story when Al was holding her hand. How do you explain that?
At the beginning of the court scene you are talking about, Al is holding her hand so that Sam can see Katie. Al begins to repeat what Katie is saying so that Sam can hear what she has to say. Then, as the scene continues, Al's voice fades out to let the audience hear the story from her voice instead of the overlap of Sam and Al repeating her words for effect.

Q: I have a question that I can't seem to find an answer to, namely because no site seems to address it. Why was it decided that Sam would never return home?
A: Oh Boy. Sam Beckett never returned home. Those words have haunted leapers for years. No one knows the answer for sure. As the end of the 5th season came near, Don Bellisario didn't know if Quantum was going to come back for a 6th season, so he created an episode that served many purposes. It had to be a cliffhanger to continue the story into the next season, or if not, had to close the series, or if a movie ever happened down the line, it could leave open possibilities for that. So we have Mirror Image, the very strange and interesting episode people still talk about today. Maybe we will get our answers in the new Quantum Leap Telefilm in 2003! Until then, check out the Mirror Imaging section on this site for more info on the series finale. There is another theory though, that I have. Don Bellisario is famous for series-ending cliffhangers. Anyone remember Magnum, P.I.? We never found out for sure that Higgins was really Robin Masters. Maybe this was Don's little joke on all of us again.


I am trying to find...

Q: I have taped most of the shows from TV but it would be
nice if we could get Universal Studios to market the
series on DVD and add any special points of interest.
I know that I would be buying them.  Any ideas on how
to start this sort of a thing.  I have been a fan
since the series first came out.

A: One idea is to sign petitions.
Here is a good one. Also visit the Quantum Leap Revival Homepage for info.

Q: I'm trying to find the jazzy theme used in Private dancer, the one when Sam was Rod the Bod, can you help?
A: The score for this episode was composed by Velton Ray Bunch. This particular theme is not available for purchase or download.

Q: Is the Quantum Leap series available on VHS and DVD?
A: Yes and no. Visit this page to find out which episodes are currently available. You can find them at ebay, amazon, and other auction sites.

Q: I love the songs that Scott Bakula sang and wrote for the show.  I have been able to download "The Man of La Mancha Medley" and "Somewhere in the Night"... but what I am truly interested in, is the lyrics and/or sheet music to
these songs.  I was wondering if you could be of assistance?
A: In all the time I have spent on locating sheet music for this, I have not found any.


Al's Place Specific Questions

Q: Do you use a TV tuner card to make the video captures for your site?
A: Yes, I use a program called Pinnacle Studio 7 which comes with a PC card that you can plug a VCR into and make captures in many different formats. Visit their website here for more info:

Q: Is "The Mirror Shattered" a vision that someone wants to see put into a movie??  Or are they really doing a movie?  Because if they are... I want to go see it!
A: The Mirror Shattered is a fanfic screenplay. I produced a video trailer for it just for fun. Glad you liked it!

Q: I was wondering what software you use to create Screen Savers for your website?
A: Go here to get it: Try the demo and if you like it, buy it. It's only worth it if you buy it because it'll put the programs icons and address in with the demo version and it looks bad.


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