Quantum Leap on
"The Family Guy"

Appearance # 1: The Kiss Seen Around the World

Appearance # 2: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Fonz




The Kiss Seen Around the World


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There was a very short clip in this episode where Al enters and tells Neil what he has to do to "leap."


Episode Summary:

When Meg, due to her crush on Tom Tucker, the newscaster, applies for an internship at the local television station and gets the job, she is disappointed to find that her news partner is the most reviled nerd in school, Neil. Caught in a life-threatening news situation, Meg laments that she never had a first kiss and agrees to kiss Neil only to find that he taped the whole thing in order to broadcast it across the world. Meg broadcasts her own news that she has no interest in Neil, sending him to the ledge on top of Town Hall. She breaks his fall, only to find out that he had no intention of jumping and was just trying to get her attention again. Stewie's prized new tricycle is stolen by the neighborhood bully, but the bully soon learns not to screw with Stewie.

When Neil Goldman is in the locker room/corridor at the school, he is visited by AL (played by DEAN STOCKWELL) from QUANTUM LEAP (1989-1993), a show about scientist Sam Beckett (played by Scott Bakula) who finds himself trapped in time--"leaping" into the body of a different person in a different time period each week. Al enters and speaks to Neil about ZIGGY not being sure what will happen next. Al was a hologram who appeared to Bakula during the original show to lend words of advice and information from time to time.

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The Father, The Son, and the Holy Fonz

Watch it here! 1 minute 24 seconds

There was a short clip in this episode where Peter tells the story of how Jesus "put things right that once went wrong..."


Episode Summary:

Peter's father comes to visit, pushing his religious beliefs on the family. Peter creates his own religion based on Fonzie from Happy Days. Stewie gets baptized with tainted Holy Water and ends up the Baby in the Plastic Bubble.

Taken From http://www.familyguyfiles.com/episodes/episodes.php?id=71

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