Quantum Leap on TV's
"Freakazoid" Series

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"Freakazoid is History!"

Dong Yang Animation Co., Ltd., Seoul Movie Co., Ltd.

Featuring: Freakazoid, Prof. Jones, Sgt. Mike Cosgrove, Dexter Douglas.

Directed by Dan Riba.

Produced by Steven Spielberg.

Written by Alan Burnett.

Originally Released on November 11, 1995.

Originally Aired on Kids WB.

Running Time: 9 minutes.



A routine job of rescuing the President turns into an unexpected TV parody when a vortex sucks Freakazoid and some honey-roasted nuts back to Pearl Harbor, circa 1941. Can he turn back the Japanese torpedo planes and change the course of history, or will he just stand there gaping at the hula girls?.. Can I say that again? HULA GIRLS! HULA GIRLS!

Information taken from http://www.bcdb.com/bcdb/detailed.cgi?film=14971&p=s


This episode is also known as "The Chip: Act IV" and is Episode #107 in the Freakazoid TV series. ^




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"Freakazoid is History!"

* Note: The clip "Freakazoid is History" is actually a nine-minute cartoon. This transcription is only of the part relevant to QL – "Quantum Freak".

Freakazoid: Somehow I’ve gone back in time. I’m in Hawaii. It’s the 1940’s. All men wear hats! [Aside] What gives?

Announcer: One day, while saving Air Force One, teen superhero Freakazoid was unexpectedly swept into both a time warp cortex and a TV show parody. From that point on and until this segment ends, Freakazoid is lost in time. He is… Quantum Freak!

[While Announcer is speaking, clips of Freakazoid leaping; Freakazoid seeing himself as Daniel Boone in the mirror; Freakazoid in a "Ben Hur" style chariot race; Freakazoid as the ape-man from "2001: A Space Odyssey"]

[Quantum Freak titles]

[Freakazoid at a disco, "Saturday Night Fever" style – Private Dancer? Disco Inferno?]

[Freakazoid climbing Mount Rushmore - Runaway (Cliff scene)?]

[Freakazoid in a scene from "The Graduate"]

[Freakazoid as Maria from "Sound of Music"]

[Freakazoid drifting at sea and attacked by Jaws - Leaping of the Shrew?]

[Quantum Freak titles]

[Cut to Freakazoid as Jerry Lewis-style director, script in hand, watching "Quantum Freak" on a television set]

Freakazoid: Oh, ok, now I get it. All right, ok… I see what you’re doing. This is a play on the show where people would go back in time, Quantum – I can’t say it or I’d be sued – but this is very humorous. I’m reading on and there’s good stuff coming… Good stuff. I’m laughing on the inside, good stuff.

[Freakazoid and Fanboy chained together running through the woods - Unchained?]

[Freakazoid dancing in drag and a false nose, with 1893 scrolling behind – Miss Deep South?]

[Quantum Freak titles]

[Freakazoid as the director finishes watching the clip and kicks away the TV…]

Freakazoid [back in regular cartoon]: OH FUDGE!

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