Index              Description of files in this directory
bakula.credits     Scott Bakula's biography has moved
bakula.summary     Scott Bakula's bio summary has moved
books              A list of the published Quantum Leap books, rev 3/15/98
full_cast_character QL cast and character list v1.0, revised 3/19/96
comic_guide        A guide to Inovation's QL Comic, revised 1/19/95
directors          QL Director list sorted by director, rev 5/13/93
don+scott+dean.txt Transcript of Q&A session QL Convention on 3/1/92
drinking-game      Unofficial USENET QL Drinking Game, revised 8/31/93
episode_guide      Episode list & synopses through 5/5/93, rev 5/12/93   Episode guide in FrameMaker format (use 'bin' mode ftp xfer)   Episode guide in PostScript format
faql               Frequently asked questions list, rev. 7/03/95
faql.spoiler       FAQ with Spoilers, rev. 5/3/95
guests             QL Guest Cast list sorted by guest, rev 8/02/95
kwh                Kisses With History, rev 2/15/95
leap-by-profession Leaps by Professions of leapee, revised 5/19/93   FrameMaker document of leap-by-profession   PostScript printout of FrameMaker document
leapees            Names of the people Sam has leapt into, revised 5/12/93
leapees-by-surname Names of the people Sam has leapt into, revised 5/12/93
leapin.byday       # of times Sam lept in on each day of the week, rev 5/13/93
leapin.bymonth     UNIX Calendar format for each leap, rev 5/13/93
leapin.byyear      episode leaps sorted by year month and day, rev 5/13/93
leapin.plot        calendar plots showing when each leap occured, rev 5/13/93
leapin.runorder    episode list in order original shown on NBC, rev 5/13/93     Scott to Dean on Leap Day 1992, transcription by Chris Hill
locations          THE QUANTUM LEAP LOCATIONS LIST or "Sam leapt here", 2/15/95
loopy-leaps        Leaps in the History of Loops
more.zines         more Quantum Leap zines info
panel.transcript   "Creating an Episode" panel transcript of 3/1/92
primer             Quantum Leap primer, revised 10/29/92
roadmap            Quantum Leap Information Roadmap, revised 10/16/95          Transcript of the Museum of Broadcasting Q&A session
qa.ucla            Transcript of UCLA Q&A session on 11/26/90
qa.universal       Transcript of Universal Q&A session on 2/25/91              Quantum Leap Compact Disk GNPD 8086 List of Tracks & Lyrics
ql.poll.1          First semi-annual Quantum Leap poll results
ql.poll.2          Second semi-annual Quantum Leap poll results
ql.poll.3          Third semi-annual Quantum Leap poll results
ql.poll.4          1993 Quantum Leap poll results
ql.quote           Quantum Leap quotes file, revised 02/17/97
qlquote2.txt       QLSigMan quotes file, revised 02/18/97
ql.smileys          Ascii "Smiley" text (like ':-)'), revised 6/24/94
ql.theory          QL Super String Theory of Quantum Leaping, revised 2/24/90
rast.ql.welcome    Welcome to, revise 9/1/94
stockwell.credits  Dean Stockwell's credits, revised 2/26/95
uk-interview       Transcript of interview with Scott Bakula on TV-AM
writers            Writers list and the episodes they've written, rev 5/13/93
zine.list          Quantum Leap zine list, revised  06/97